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For fans of Ozzy Osbourne, Guns’N’Roses, Van Halen, Alice In Chains, Black Sabbath, Black Label Society, etc…!

Album Title : Tap Into The Evil
Release Date : May 29th, 2020
Label : Self-Release
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“The Naked High was already being greeted by applause when they walked on stage. Their mushroom-infused sound pulled in the crowd faster than a turkey on Thanksgiving. I mean, as soon as they opened up with “Liquid Love,” a song that resonates well with the stoner crowd, people were already into it. Simon Ouellet, singer and frontman, is basically what would happen if Ronnie James Dio had a child with Phil Anselmo.” – Bucketlist Music Reviews (2019 Live Review opening for King Buffalo, Mountain Dust)  

“The night opened with The Naked High. Their sound covered a lot of diverse metal territory. Their vocalist had an operatic Iron Maiden vibe, while the guitar playing took cues from Ozzy Osbourne‘s career and beyond. The second song in their set had a distinctly early metal sound, but a lot of the guitar parts evoked a slightly younger generation, particularly the squealing tendencies of Zakk Wylde.” – Bucketlist Music Reviews (2017 Live Review Opening for Truck Fighters)

“The group play an eclectic mix of blues/stoner rock and metal, and do so very well! For a band that hasn’t been around for too long, I feel like they’ve really nailed down their unique sound, even if the elements they use are rather familiar. Musically, the style falls in between Black Sabbath and the bluesy bravado of Danzig, and their songs that night were infectious with groove and tasteful guitar play. Singer Simon Ouellet showed his vast arsenal of vocal styles as well as his entertaining mid-song banter. This is one Montreal band everyone should keep their eye out for.” – Bucketlist Music Reviews (2016 Live Review opening for Bongzilla, Black Cobra)

“This Montreal band has some legit balls, and has made their debut with six tracks worthy of twenty year veterans. The Naked High is somewhere between metal and hard rock, with just a touch of doom. Excellent musicianship, songwriting and production quality (recorded, mixed and mastered at badass studio, wherever that is). I keep playing this one, and the digital download comes with lyrics, which are worth it for the song “Juice” alone (a song about Colonel Angus, so to speak). Here’s a good example of an album where the cover art pretty much performs perfect vetting for its clientele. If you dig the cover, I’m pretty sure you’ll dig the tunes, and if the cover is a turn-off for you, you are probably making the right call to walk away. Here is the opener, “Mean Amphetamine”. It gets better and better as it progresses.” – Heavy Metal Text Books

Left to Right – The Naked High
Phil Rod – Bass
Simon Ouellet – Vocals
Hugo L-C – Guitar
Charlie Boy Cayouette – Drums

(Photo Credit: Matthew Poburyny)

The soul in the solo and the gift of the riff. The blues from the heart and the colour in the art.

Emerging from the underground of Montreal comes The Naked High. Joining forces in the summer of 2015, connected by a love of similar music ranging from blues to rock to metal, the dauntless quartet brings an electric chemistry to their music, amplified when they are on stage.

The Naked High is Hugo Leclerc-Charron delivering solos and riffs on guitar, Simon Ouellet with a mix of Laney/Anslemo/Dio vocals, Phil Rod keeping the low end steady and Charlie Cayouette backing everything up with his rocking beats.

Soon after they formed, they began writing their first EP. The self-titled debut came out in 2017 and showed off their proclivity for catchy, smooth tunes with personal lyrics. Their wide variety of influences and love for Rock’n’Roll ensures their music is written effortlessly and naturally.

Sometimes it starts with a drum beat, or a bass line, or even a vocal line. Regardless of how it starts out, it always turns into something melodic and passionate. Self-described as the illegitimate child of Black Sabbath and Van Halen, they combine two eras of music into their own distinct sound.

It didn’t take The Naked High long to become familiar with the stage and they have built a solid reputation and following. Focusing on charisma and providing an unforgettable experience, the band cooks up a strong live performance every time.

Fast forward to 2020 and The Naked High released another EP “Tap Into The Evil” on May 29th. The 6 songs show the evolution of their sound pushing forward into the next chapter of the band as they continue to learn from the legends that they admire while forging their own respective path in Rock’n’Roll.

After releasing its first two EPs, the band slightly changed its creative process. The heaviness is still present in the riffs, beats and tones but a heavy rock/hair metal structure and approach brings a party vibe to the new material.

The band is in the process of recording 5 new songs to be released eventually.

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Album Title: Tap Into The Evil
Release Date: May 29, 2020
Label: Self-Release

Track Listing:
1. Jewel Of The Crowd (3:22)
2. Rebirth (2:42)
3. Sleep Paralysis (6:54)
4. She’s So Marie (4:33)
5. Moon Turns Red (5:39)
6. Pull Of The Void (7:01)
Album Length : 30:15

Album Credits :
• All songs performed and written by :
Simon Ouellet
Hugo Leclerc-Charron
Phil Rod
Charlie Cayouette

• Produced by : Dave Traina
• Mixed & mastered by : Jef Fortin
• Album artwork by : Chen-Jeh Chen & Francis Leclerc-Charron
• Canadian content (MAPL)

Album and Live Band Lineup :
Simon Ouellet – Vocals
Hugo Leclerc-Charron – Guitar
Phil Rod – Bass
Charlie Cayouette – Drums

Discography :
2017 – The Naked High
2020 – Tap Into The Evil

The Naked High shared stage with:
Three Days Grace, Atomic Bitchwax, Bongzilla, Truckfighters, Kings Destroy, Black Cobra, Lo-Pan, King Buffalo, Sandveiss, Anonymus, Sasquatch, Hippie Death Cult and many more